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19 Very Bizarre Products From Japan That Make Us Forget About Hello Kitty

It seems like they're leading the race in innovation when it comes to things that are not just useful, but necessary in today's world... However,chindgu does exist and that's how Japan has also become known as the land of the weird and unusual when it comes to inventions as well. What ischindgu, exactly? Allow us to explain. Simply put, it's the act of creating absolutely useless inventions that at first seem like they actually have a purpose. The termcan literally be translated to "unusual tool" which is exactly what most of these things are. You've all seen things such as the "baby mop" and "broom shoes" -- well, these are just some of those useless and weird creations. This crazy art was first made popular in 1995 when Kenji Kawakami and Dan Papia collaborated on a book about it, and this was also when these weird ideas made their way overseas. Now,chindgu seems commonplace in Japan and whether anyone uses these inventions has yet to be confirmed, but you can be sure that all 20 of these will definitely make you forget about their traditional Hello Kitty reputation. If you've always wanted to find out what's going on past your earlobes, we bring forth the "ear explorer". This unusual little tool contains a scope on one end that connects to a viewfinder on the other so that you can -- Yes you guessed it -- Pole around inside your ear canal.

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Typhoon-hit Kansai International Airport, Japan reopens

Typhoon-hit Kansai International Airport, Japan reopens The operator of Kansai airport in western Japan reopened part of its main terminal building on Friday. Tokyo - The operator of a major airport in western Japan reopened part of its main terminal buildingon Friday, 10 days after a powerful typhoonbattered the region, inundating its facilities and one of its runways. Kansai International Airport, which is located on an artificial island, was scheduled to resume 38 domestic and 98 international flights at Terminal 1, 34 per cent of its pre-storm traffic. Domestic flights resumed at the airport's Terminal 2, which mainly handles budget airlines, a week ago. Typhoon Jebi, the most powerful storm to hit Japan in 25 years, lashed Osaka and surrounding areas on September 4, flooding the main terminal and the runway. The storm, which left 11 dead and hundreds of people injured in western Japan, stranded thousands at the airport, after a tanker, which had been anchored in Osaka Bay, slammed into the bridge connecting the airport with the mainland. The operator plans to gradually resume more flights, increasing the number to about 50 per cent of the normal figure by Thursday and aims to reopen the rest of Terminal 1 next Friday. Meanwhile, the government has decided to redirect 70 flights per day to nearby Osaka International Airport and Kobe Airport, Transport Minister Keiichi Ishii told a news conference on Thursday.

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